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People of the Ocean

Yani Trout

Surfing Coach

Nexgen Surf School is an accredited and registered surf school situated at Surfers Corner Muizenberg Cape Town. It is definitely one of the best surf destinations in the world. Experience quality Surf lessons with fun, progression, and safety.  

Our aim is to teach, equip, and skill all students who choose to use Nexgen Surf School. 

Our coaches are highly skilled and have an amazing sense of the ocean environment where the lessons take place. 

We have created a culture around how we believe surfing should be taught, welcoming, professional coaches, and supported by an investment in a diverse range of the best boards and equipment for you to learn and progress with. We teach the most up to date techniques and information, adapted for surfers of all ages.

From your first wave to achieving your surfing dream, our mission is to provide constantly evolving, progressive surf coaching that will guide and support you at every stage.

Surfing is an ancient and beautiful sport. Harnessing the power of the ocean to ride waves takes a combination of technique, physical training, and knowledge. Nothing beats the exhilaration of catching and riding a wave!

What our students have to say

Leonie Christodoulou

Leonie Christodoulou

Sophia loved her first surf lesson with Yani Trout, the amazing coach of Nexgen Surf! Thanks to Yani for helping her navigate the difficult conditions today and to Chris Twine for the amazing photos. She has had the biggest smile on her face ever since!


Leonie Christodoulou

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